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Sheet Materials

Eastwood Timber stocks many types of sheet material products

  • Plywood
  • Melamine
  • MDF
  • Chipboard
  • Insulation
  • Hardwood
  • Plasterboard
  • Sterling Board/OSB Board
  • EASIpanelTM
  • Fire-rated Board
  • Decorative Veneered
  • Kitchen Worktops

Storing Boards

Boards should be stored upright, preferably clear of the floor.  Make sure they lean towards a wall and cannot be accidentally pulled over.  Support thin boards with a thicker board at the back so that they don't warp.

Choosing the right type of board

If you want a painted finish, a board with a dense even texture, such as MDF, gives the best finish.  For unseen carcase work, such as kitchen units and flooring, the most economical boards are chipboard and OSB Board.

Board Sizes

It is usually cheapest to buy full size boards (2440x1220mm).  Eastwood Timber also sell 600x1220mm and 900x1800mm sheets for convenience.   Standard thicknesses are 4,6, 9,12,15,18 and 25mm.   Specialist sizes also available to order - extra large 1220x3050mm and 1525x3050mm.

Plywood - exterior grade
For garden projects or where moisture may be a problem.   Exterior grade WBP plywood board is available in thicknesses from 3mm to 30mm.  Plywoods need an edging strip to disguise the striped appearance.

Marine plywood is made of water-resistant hardwood veneers sandwiched with a very strong phenolic glue where damage by water, steam, temperature changes or mould may be a problem.

Melamine-faced chipboard
Chipboard which is coated with a thin layer of plastic or melamine provides a decorative cleanable surface, used for storage units in the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.   The manufacturers provide edging strip to hide the exposed edges.

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF)
Made up of fine particles bonded together with resin.  The close texture can be planed and shaped with a router.   The surface is smooth, making it good for veneering or painting.

Unfaced Chipboard
One of the most economic boards for the DIYer.  However, chipboard is not as strong as plywood and does not hold screws well.

Insulation Board
A board made from timber fibres which can be used as either an insulating board against cold or a soundproofing board.

This is produced by chopping up wood shavings into tiny fibres, soaked in water.  The mix is then compressed and heated to form a board with a uniform texture.  It is sold in thicknesses from 1.5 to 12mm.  It can be used for the backs of cabinets.

Plasterboard is a flat seam of gypsum  sandwiched between stiff lining paper.  It comes in several different types and sizes and is ideal for many uses including stud partition walls, ceilings and loft lining.  It can also be painted or decorated directly onto the surface.

Sterling Board / OSB Board
A cheap board composed of large flakes or wood, glued together to form a thick layer of shavings lying parallel with the length of the board.    The result is a strong board which is often used for shuttering by builders but may be used for loft flooring and other DIY projects.

Fire-rated Board / Masterboard
A cement-based board for use behind gas fireplaces and various other heat producing appliances around the home.

Decorative Veneered Boards
A range of hardwood and softwood veneered boards for many decorative uses in place of solid timber.

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