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Eastwood Timber stock many types of different flooring: Real wood, laminated, veneer and traditional flooring including pitch pine, softwood and teak.

Eastwood Timber is a distributor for:

  • Richard Burbidge quality flooring
  • Junckers solid hardwood flooring
  • Tarkett solid and engineered wood flooring
  • Tavernfloor solid hardwood plank flooring

Richard Burbidge - "Transforms rooms all around the house"

You can make this transformation quickly and easily with Richard Burbidge flooring - a superb range of hardwood and timber style laminates in a variety of durabilities and fitting options. See 'Laying a floor'

Our timber style flooring is ideal for any home, blending perfectly with existing colour schemes or perhaps inspiring new approaches.

There are 8 ranges to choose from:

A snap together, glue-less system
For the beauty of real wood floor
Connect II
Connect Tiles
Connect Texture
Connect Profile
Connect Gloss
Connect Natural
Connect Standard
natural 14mm


Connect II

Connect IIConnect introduces a new concept to installing timber flooring. Combining the beauty, style and durability of traditional laminate flooring with easy installation - no glue required - the floor simply clicks together, making installation easier, cleaner and up to 50% faster than traditional methods.

The unique tongue and groove simply connect together and won't come apart and create gaps.

Connect is suitable for all rooms in the house including the bathroom and is available in a wide range of finishes with a 10 year guarantee.

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HK005 HK006 HK008 HK009
HK010 HK011  


Connect Tiles

The Connect Tile Range imitates the appearance and texture of ceramic floor tiles, and features the uniclic glueless tongue and groove fixing system.

Connect Tiles are quicker, cleaner and easier to install than traditional ceramic tiles. You can even walk on your tiles straight away, as there is no need for any grout to dry.

The new tiles are made from water resistant high density fiberboard, making them ideal for kitchens, utility rooms, conservatories and bathrooms.


Connect Texture

This range offers you all the advantages of Connect II - easy fitting and durability but with the unique added advantage of the feel of a real grain effect, giving a more authentic look to your floor.

When catching the light, this subtle texture looks so realistic you'd be forgiven for thinking it was real timber. The range of Connect Texture finishes is distinctive too - rustic and full of character to complement their textured effect.

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HK005 HK006 HK008  


Connect Profile

Connect Profile is a textured range of laminate flooring that features a unique 'V' groove down the length of each board to create the appearance of solid wood flooring.

This groove imitates the natural channels and indentations found in real wood flooring and the boards have planked timber pattern for a realistic solid wood finish.

Connect Profile is easy and quick to install and is available in a range of deeper, more rustic shades.

HK001 HK002 HK003  


Connect Gloss

Connect Gloss is a unique high shine flooring perfect for creating a sophisticated ambience in dining rooms, living rooms or bedrooms - in fact any room where you want to make an impression.

With it's glossy finish Connect Gloss is a smooth to touch with a special scratch resistant and anti-static surface. Connect Gloss boards simply snap together making installation easier, cleaner and faster.

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Connect Natural

Connect Natural combines all the benefits of Connect II Flooring with the beauty of real wood.

Connect Natural has a top layer of real hardwood, offering you a natural wood finish, which is warm to touch and reduces the sound of footsteps.


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Connect Standard

Connect Standard is a range of glueless flooring, featuring the uniclic tongue and groove system. the flooring is hardwearing and durable. Connect Standard is suitable for most rooms in the house, and is available in a select number of finishes.


HK001 HK002 HK003 HK004



Natural 14mm

The Natural 14mm range enhances the natural beauty of wood with real hardwood veneers. Ideal for less punishing areas like the dining room or living room where you can appreciate the warm touch and subtle tones of real timber.

Select from a range of beautiful finishes that will add a new dimension to your room - perfectly joined with a flat, even surface.

When it starts to look tired, you can even sand and refinish Natural 14mm flooring to capture its original beauty.

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Click here for Junckers website...

Junckers Natural Superiority

Junckers floors are 100% solid hardwood. That makes them naturally superior to laminated wooden floors or synthetic lookalikes.

Many floors are deliberately designed to look like a Junckers floor but their beauty is only skin deep. Many so-called hardwood floors actually have more softwood than hardwood, while plastic laminate floors trying to create a wood-effect are only superficially similar to the real thing. You only have to walk on them to feel the difference!

Junckers, on the other hand, is a natural hardwood through and through. That means it looks better and lasts longer than any cheap alternative. What's more, unlike plastic laminate flooring, you can sand and reseal your junckers floor to keep it looking beautiful. Many believe that Junckers flooring actually gains character with age and with reasonable care, will last a lifetime.

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Junckers products

Junckers is the only company to offer its own complete range of oils, lacquers and a comprehensive selection of accessories including solid hardwood mouldings especially designed to realise the full longevity and decorative potential of Junckers floors and worktops.

Also see Laying a floor

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